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Date:August 2017

Sweet Fennel

Fennel is a slightly sweet, crunchy winter vegetable that is best from autumn through early spring . Used widely in Mediterranean and Italian cuisine, it is gaining new popularity as people look for healthy alternatives to add interest to their diets. It's distinctive flavor and myriad health benefits make it a great choice! A single cup of raw fennel offers 14% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin C, 11% of fiber, 10% of potassium, 9% of manganese, 7% of copper, 6% of both folate and phosphorus, along with good amounts of magnesium, calcium, iron, vitamin B3 and pantothenic acid. All for 27 calories! This tidy little package of goodness comes with some great protection for your health!

Summer Spice

Fresh herbs and spices are a tasty way to add interest to any meal, but did you know those garnishes also contain powerful health properties? The fresher, the better to maintain nutrients! With all the interest in local foods, many grocers are offering fresh, locally-grown herbs, but what could be more local - and convenient - than your own back yard or window sill!

Top Ten Spring Harvests

It's time to celebrate the fresh fruits and vegetables that arrive with spring! Eating fruits and vegetables will help you stay healthy. Choosing fresh seasonal foods in your area can be economical and eco-friendly as farms across the country showcase their produce at local farmers' markets -- economical, fresh and delicious! In honor of the season, we focus on ten stunners from the spring harvest!

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