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Date:August 2017

A Thoughtful Approach to Eating

Over the past few years, the term 'mindful eating' has described a different, careful approach to eating. This is a very important concept, especially for those of us who deal with a constant barrage of product marketing and easy access to a large array of immediately accessible snacks or fast food meals. From 'you can't eat just one' to 'Open Happiness,' catchy slogans are the background of our days, emanating from radios and sound tracks in malls, and billboards and busses. We may grab a handful of chips or candy without thinking and are surprised and still when it's gone. If that sounds like you ... you are not alone!

Bone Health

Green leafy vegetables are one of the best sources of vitamin K. Scientists find that women consuming around 300 micrograms a day have greater bone density! And you don't have to eat much to reap the benefits. One cup of spinach has around 360 micrograms, brussel sprouts 235, and broccoli 113.

Oh Nuts!

For generations we have been cautioned about nut intake ... young children shouldn't eat nuts ... they contain too much fat ... nuts are difficult to digest ... they cause weight gain ... they inflame diverticula, the list goes on. Now, new research is finding that some of our long-held beliefs about nuts need rewriting!

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