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Date:August 2017

The Lowdown on Coffee Consumption

Most of us can drink a couple cups of coffee a day with no problems! The caffeine that is found in beverages like coffee and tea is a mild psycho-active substance that stimulates the nervous system. It can also boost the effects of some pain relievers and is added to some drugs.

The Skinny on Soda

The more we hear about soda pop, the less we it.

Energy Drink Alternatives

Most energy drinks contain large amounts of caffeine or sugar. They can provide a temporary energy boost, but boost is short-lived, and can cause unforeseen problems. Energy drinks that contain sugar may contribute to weight gain, and those containing caffeine can lead to nervousness, insomnia and irritability -- or to even more serious conditions, such as a rapid heart beat or increased blood pressure. Before your reach for that energy drink you might want to consider a healthier way to boost your energy!

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