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Pedometers Work!

Research from Indiana University  found that wearing a pedometer that tracks daily physical activity can spur significant increases in physical activity, weight loss,and improvements in blood pressure. Researchers from Stanford University included 26 studies that looked at the use of pedometers as a tool to motivate physical activity. A total of 2,767 people participated, a majority were overweight and relatively inactive before they started their walking program. The results?  Pedometer users in the randomized trials increased their  activity by 2,491 steps per day more than participants who did not use pedometers. In the observational studies, pedometer users increased their physical activity by 2,183 steps per day over baseline. That's a 27 percent increase in activity! Along with increased activity pedometer users lost weight,  body mass index decreased by 0.4, while their systolic blood pressure fell by 3.8 leading to a 10 percent reduction in stroke mortality and a 7 percent reduction in death from vascular causes. Researchers also found that having a step goal was a key predictor of increased physical activity.  In other words, pedometers are a simple tool that can help you attain some real results.

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