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Getting a Leg Up

From the moment get out of bed in the morning until you roll over to sleep at night, you legs are leading you through your daily tasks. Whether you're standing in front of the stone, walking out to the car or running into the store or to work, strong legs are fundamental to the quality and ease of everyday life. Leg muscles are the largest muscle group in the human body. The upper muscles are the quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings, the lower muscles are the calves and the tibialis anterior, which run down the front of the shins. If your goal is overall fitness, the largest muscle group definitely deserves some attention, and developing and maintaining strong leg muscles benefit the entire body in many ways.
  • Balance. Strong leg muscles help avoid the risk of sprained ankles, twisted knees and muscle soreness that results from inactivity and helps increase mobility.
  • Sports-oriented Fitness. Strong legs provide the impetus and power for running, jumping and turning. Well-conditioned calves, quads and hip flexors, lead to a strong base for athletic activity.
  • Healthy Aging. Strong legs help to fight fatigue, and maintain a normal routine. A new study from the University of New Hampshire finds that the leg strength of overweight older women is significantly less than that of normal-weight older women, increasing their risk for disability and loss of independence. Strengthening your legs also reduces the risk of falling.
  • Quality of Life. Leg strength and endurance improves the quality daily life. The greater your endurance and strength, the longer you can work enjoyably and efficiently, without fatigue. Strong legs allow you to get through your chores, fitness program and social life more enjoyably and efficiently. Simple choices like taking stairs instead of elevators can quickly boost your leg power.
There are many exercises you add to your current fitness routine while at home. Check out the Legs section of petersprinciples exercise library at http://petersprinciples.com/exercise-legs and get started now!

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