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The Zeal Wellness Story - Zeal is the Real Deal

There are hundreds of health products on the market claiming to be the secrets to good health and well-being. With so many choices, it can be hard to know which ones are right for you, and even harder to consume all the pills, powders and juices they say you need to be healthy and feel great.  However, the guesswork to staying healthy is now over. Peter Nielsen has partnered with some of the finest product formulators in the world to bring forward to you the Zeal Wellness all-in-one natural nutritional formula.  Simply add water or juice to the Zeal Wellness synergistic blend of whole food concentrates and drink at least one serving a day to get all the nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins your body needs. The Zeal Wellness formula dissolves easily, tastes great and helps you recapture your youthful Zeal for life. Zeal for Life Challenge In addition to the All-In-One Zeal Wellness drink. Peter also partnered with Zeal to create and launch the Zeal for Life Challenge with Peter Nielsen which is designed to help people achieve their best possible health-through a complete supplement, meal, and exercise plan designed by Peter. Learn More Information If you have interest in trying the Zeal Wellness Drink or the Zeal for Life Challenge, please contact your local Zeal Consultant.  If you don’t have a consultant, you can learn more by emailing support@bodybyzeal.com or by visiting http://90days.zealforlife.com.  If you would like to learn more about becoming a consultant in your area, please email promote@bodybyzeal.com.

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