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Shape Up with Peter Nielsen and Dunham's

Don't forget to enter the new online Shape Up with Peter Nielsen & Dunham’s contest for a chance to win a great fitness packages! Three winners will each receive:
  • Shopping card for $50 from Dunham's Sports
  • Personally designed Fitness Program by Peter Nielsen
  • A Personal Training session with Peter Nielsen
  • An autographed copy of Dr. Frank Patino's book The Patino Diet detailing a Lifestyle that will keep you healthy and lean and one hour of personal nutritional counseling with eating plan.
  • An autographed copy of Peter's latest book Principles of Healthy Living.
  • A Home Workout Program DVD by Peter Nielsen.
Each winner will also have the opportunity to appear as a guest on Peter's Television program! It simple, just go to http://www.dunhamssports.com/shapeup/ anytime between January 17, 2014 – February 14, 2014 and enter online. Good luck!

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Allow Peter to be your Spiritual Life Coach and be fed spiritually each day with topics on; believing again, finding balance, dreaming big, restoring hope and faith.


Join Peter as he shares his knowledge and tips on daily workout routines, exercise tips of the day, strength training, cardio, stretching and lifestyle.

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