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Peter's Principles at Hidden Dreams Farm

In the early summer of 2009, Peter Nielsen brought 20 lucky children and their parents to the Hidden Dreams Farm to film a short segment on the exercise benefits of horseback riding for his TV program, Peter's Principles. This segment will air Friday, September 18th on channel 7, WXYZ-TV, in Metro Detroit. We would like to share some pictures of the fun time that was had with the children and the horses! filming smiles Filming starts, and as you can see, the horses of Hidden Dreams Farm are not bothered by much. The smiles were everywhere as our gentle crew of horses befriended their riders! lessons Docs group Even Peter got in on the action, taking the opportunity to hop on our very own Harley, while Sharpes snoozes in the warm sun as his raider watches. Doc, one of the resident lesson horses, hammed his way on the big screen with all of the children around him. He was in his own little heaven! lovingit And with all the fun being had that day, we can't forget our barn cat Saber, who was having his own fun with so many people to offer him pets! A large thank you goes out to everyone who made this happen! It was a very special day at Hidden Dreams Farm!

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