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Fiber in Your Diet

Keep your digestive system healthy with a diet high in fiber, lots of water, and regular exercise. The rule of thumb is to eat 20-25 grams of dietary fiber per day, which you can easily get through maintaining a healthy diet.  Fiber also comes with more benefits, and more reasons to add to your daily nutritional regimen!
  • Soluble fiber helps control blood sugar by slowing the breakdown of carbohydrates and the absorption of sugar.
  • Research shows that eating a high-fiber diet lowers the risk of heart disease by 40 percent!
  • Research also shows that for every seven grams of fiber you eat daily, the risk of a stroke is reduced by 7 percent!
  • Fiber increases the feeling of satiet, enhancing weight loss.
  • Dietary fiber is thought to reduce the risk of diverticulitis by 40 percent.
High-fiber powerhouse foods are whole-grain cereals and breads, fresh vegetables and fruit, and nuts. Usually, a day or two of a fiber-focused diet will put your trips to the bathroom back on track.

Getting Fit for Summer Sports

Focus on Fiber

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