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High or Low Glycemic Diet?

Diets are often described as either high or low glycemic programs.  What does that mean and which is more effective when it comes to weight loss? High glycemic foods are high in simple carbs and cause a rapid increase in blood sugar. Low glycemic foods enter the system more slowly and contain more fiber and fats. A recent study compared the two diets by dividing a group of participant into two groups; one group followed a high-glycemic regimen, the other followed the low-glycemic diet. Weight loss was the same with both groups, but there was an important difference. The group on the high glycemic diet lost more muscle weight, while the low glycemic group lost more fat. The low glycemic group also had higher levels of leptin which leads to a higher metabolic rate. Needless to say, losing fat is much more desirable than losing muscle! The bottom line: If you want to lose weight, eat a diet rich in low glycemic carbs and low in refined sugar. See your doctor for the diet plan that's right for you!

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