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The High Protein Diet

Research has shown that the long term damage caused by high protein diets may outweigh the potential benefits and the American Heart Association does not recommend a high protein diet. Now a new study, published in Cell Metabolism, indicates that eating a high-protein diet during middle age raises the risk of dying from any cause by 74 percent while the risk of dying from cancer increased four times, when compared to eating a low-protein diet. This study followed  6,381 adults ages 50 and older for 18 years. Another recent study examined the effects of high protein diets on the body's hydration; it found that even trained athletes can become dehydrated on high protein diets, which place a major strain on the kidneys and other organs. During this study participants consumed thirty percent of their food intake from things like steak, eggs, and protein bars. Blood tests several weeks into the study indicated that an increasing amount of protein led to dehydration and eventual stress on the kidneys. Limit your intake of protein maintain one-fourth to one to one-half gram per pound of ideal body weight, include plant proteins and  be sure to drink enough water. It's key!

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